Glory Of A Big Dick – Chandler Scott -amp; Ray Diesel

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Ray Diesel is in the bathroom hoping to utilize the glory hole as he is pleasuring his enormous cock through his shorts. He pulls it out and as he is stroking it we see someone has entered the bathroom and is taking notice through the glory hole. When Chandler Scott looks through the hole and sees that massive cock his mouth starts watering as he licks his lips and starts sucking on Ray's cock. He services him through the glory hole for a while and then Ray comes out of the stall and continues to feed his big cock to Chandler's eager mouth. Ray then bends Chandler over the sink and rims his ass. Once his ass is nice and wet, Ray stands up and starts fucking him with his huge cock. With each thrust, he gets deeper and deeper into Chandler's ass. Ray then lies on his back on the floor and Chandler rides his big cock. As he rides it, he cannot hold back and he shoots his own cum all over Ray. Ray pulls out and Chandler has him shoots his load all over his face and beard.

Enlisted For Love – Scott Finn -amp; Evan Landers

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Young loves Scott Finn and Evan Landers both have big plans, but their plans threaten to tear apart their love. Scott's decision to go in to the military causes Evan to erupt with jealousy and Scott leaves, sad and dejected. Realizing he made a mistake, Evan apologizes, they kiss and make up, planning one last day together before they part ways. The next day, Scott shows up in his military gear, and Evan can't hide how turned on he is. He pulls Scott in to the house and they make the most of their last day together before they have to go.

Cum Thirsty

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Hot Latino studs have a threesome and they all cum!

Beg For My Big Cock – Jessie Colter -amp; Tony Orion

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Jessie Colter has Tony Orion in his playroom and Tony is begging Jessie for his big cock. Jessie is hard inside his jeans but is getting off on Tony begging for it and he continues to make him beg. Once satisfied with the begging, Jessie pulls out his big cock and Tony starts sucking it. Jessie them puts Tony on his knees and plays with his beautiful ass before lying on his back and having Tony ride his big hard cock. Jessie then puts Tony on his back and fucks him until both shoot their big creamy loads.

Straight Dudes Like Watching – Scott Finn -amp; Marc Montana -amp; Evan Landers -amp; Ian Oakley

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Scott Finn, Ian Oakley, and Evan Landers are having a sexy 3-way on their couch. Sucking, rimming, and kissing each other. When Scott runs off the bathroom, he narrowly misses Marc Montana in the hall. Marc comes across Ian and Evan on the couch, and likes what he sees. He watches, wishing he could join. Eventually, Scott finds Marc watching, and brings him in to enjoy the fun! The boys take turns fucking each other, while Marc watches. They take turns sucking and fucking before all releasing their hot loads.

How’s My Prostate Doc? – Aaron Trainer -amp; Alessio Vega

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Alessio Vega has come to the Doctors to get examined as he has some personal concerns. He tells Dr. Aaron Trainer that he recently went to an orgy and got fucked by several guys, but he seems to not have the same feeling as he once did in his ass. He also tells the Dr. that prior to the orgy he had sex with a guy with a huge cock and he was able to feel that just fine. Dr. Trainer starts out the exam with the normal listening of the heart and lungs. He then asks Alessio to remove his pants and he performs a Hernia test and testicle exam. Noting nothing unusual, he has Alessio bend over for a Prostate exam and he inserts his gloved finger up into Alessio's ass. After some probing it is apparent that Dr. Trainer is getting aroused as his engorged cock, still inside his pants, brushes up against Alessio's leg and thigh during the exam. Alessio notices it and looks back and asks the Dr. what is going on. He turns around and is excited to see that Dr. Trainer has a huge cock in his pants which he gladly pulls out and allows Alessio to suck. Alessio takes not time in taking all of Dr. Trainer's massive cock down his throat. He is then bent over the exam table and Dr. Trainer rims his ass deep with his tongue before lubbing it up and inserting his massive cock deep inside Alessio's eager ass. With each thrust it is apparent that Alessio is feeling every inch of Dr. Trainer. As the Dr. pulls his cock all the way out, Alessio's ass acts like a snake devouring pray as he uses his sphincter muscle to take in every inch of Dr. Trainer's cock. He then flips on his back and Dr. Trainer continues to fuck him deeper and harder until Alessio's cock starts oozing cum and then shoots all over his chest and abdomen. Dr. Trainer pulls out and sucks Alessio's spent cock until he shoots his load all over Alessio's ass and then shoves it deep back inside.

Cake Pop – Ian Oakley -amp; Justin Trouble

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Ian Oakley invites Justin Trouble over for some fun. They start to kiss, but Justin isn't feeling well. He's in need of something sweet, and Ian has just the right thing... a cake pop! He sensually feeds Justin the sweet pop, rubbing it on his lips, teasing him with it. Sucking the cake pop is fun, but Justin wants more and moves on to Ian's sweet cock. They suck and rim each other, both wanting more. Eventually, Ian slides inside and they have even more fun, all over the couch.

Begging For Daddy’s Big Cock – Ray Diesel -amp; Julian Torres

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Ray Diesel has invited Julian to his playroom and as he sits back in his chair stroking his huge cock, he has Julian Torres begging for it and crawling on his hands and knees to service him. Once he gives in and allows Julian to suck his cock, he has him start out slow and then feeds the entire thing to him. Julian does his best to take it all down his throat as he gags and spits on the massive cock. He manages to work the entire cock into his mouth and throat and is eager to please his daddy as he gags on his cock. Ray then puts Julian on his back and begins eating his ass and fingering his hole to get it ready for his cock. He then bends him over the chair and begins fucking him deep and hard with his massive cock. He puts Julian on his back up on the table and continues to fuck him deeper and deeper until Julian cannot hold off and he shoots his own load. Ray pulls out and shoots a huge thick creamy load all over Julian's cock and balls and then shoves his cock back inside his used hole.

Turning On The Gainz – Quentin Gainz -amp; Scott Finn -amp; Evan Landers -amp; Ian Oakley

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Scott Finn arrives to see Quentin Gainz, but finds him in the shower. Scott loves what he sees, as Quentin washes his amazing body. He's nearly caught, and runs off to watch TV. Meanwhile, at the pool, Ian Oakley and Evan Landers are enjoying the Summer sun. Quentin gets out of the shower and sits with Scott to watch some TV. After a quick chat, Quenin let's Scott know he caught him looking, but that he liked it and wants more. Scott jumps at the chance to start sucking. The boys at the pool start to wonder why Scott hasn't shown up yet, and go inside to explore. Ian and Evan are surprised to find Scott blowing Quentin, but decide to jump right in to the fun. It's the time of Quentin's life, as the boys take turns kissing, sucking, and rimming him. The guys take turns on each other, fucking all over the couch. After an epic fuck, they all retreat to the pool for more fun in the sun!

Juicy And Hungry

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Twink guys kissing and sucking cock before some anal sex.

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