My Son’s Childhood Friend – Mark Winters -amp; Rodney Steele

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Mark is hanging out with his best friends Dad Rodney. They are catching up with some small talk. After some awkward silence Rodney moves in for the kill and starts kissing him. Mark not sure if this is cool but he goes with the flow and starts to undress Rodney to reveal his big thick dick. Mark grabs Rodney's hard cock and begins to suck on it the best he can. Rodney loves the young college student all over his dick and now he is ready to fuck him on his kitchen counter. He bends him over and pushes deep inside; slow at first but then starts to pound that young tight ass. Rodney is all over him and he picks him up as Mark wraps his legs around Rodney's back. Rodney fucks up into him as he holds him. The sexy little moans coming from Mark almost make Rodney bust his nut so they go to the floor and while Rodney is still on top of him he fucks him fast and hard until Mark can't hold is cum no more. Mark cums all over himself with such excitement that Rodney pulls his dick out and strokes all the juice right out of himself onto Marks smooth young chest.<br></br> Enjoy!

Spank Hot Asses

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Slim stud gets spanked and then fucked in his tight asshole

Physical Pleasures – Kirk Cummings -amp; Scott Riley

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Kirk has come into the doctor's office for a routine checkup. Scott the nurse has other things on his mind. Scott checks all of Kirk's vitals and it all looks great but now its time for him to strip down to make sure his balls are ok. Kirk drops his clothes to reveal a big boner which Scott has been eyeing the whole time. Scott gets underneath him and shows Kirk just what happens at a routine checkup with him. Next you know it Scott has his balls in his mouth sucking away on them. Kirk doesn't mind at all and has a huge load for Scott when the time is right. Kirk eats that ass lubing it up for his hard dick. He bends Scott over the bed and fucks him from behind. Scott loves how big he feels as each thrust pushes deeper inside of him. Kirk gives Scott the pounding he deserves as he fucks the cum right out of him. Not so fast though as Kirk stands up and jacks his huge stream of a load all over Scott's face. Scott didn't expect all that yummy cum but what an amazing load it was.<br/><br/> Enjoy!

Play Nice, Fuck Hard – Evan Parker -amp; Kody Knight

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Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers. <br><br>A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and Evan Parker and Kody Knight aren't ready for second place! Whether it's a sprint to the jungle gym, or a teasing tickle fight wrestling on the grass or a friendly push-up competition, neither of these college athletes is willing to concede defeat. <br><br>Back at home base, they stand at the sink post-freshening. Kody tickles Evan, who coyly lets his towel drop. Kody, replying in kind, brings his sexy adversary close, kissing with both cocks reaching full attention. <br><br>Seeking a more comfortable setting they move on to the bedroom, where the playful tickles and wrestles turn to serious business. Evan strokes Kody's cock, and plants tender kisses on his neck and in his ears. Evan moves down Kody's body, licking down his abs, his juicy lips gliding over his shaft. Flipping positions, Kody blows Evan, his breathing labored as his pole is being expertly worked and whose face says it all. <br><br>Kody wants to fuck, but they can't decide who's going to bottom first. Letting Evan win for once, Kody agrees to take it for the fist time ever! After lubing up, Evan pushes his thick rod slowly into his athletic buddy, exploring his tight virgin ass. Kody relaxes enough for a soft fucking, but their mouths meet for a moment of sensual kissing before Evan sucks on his dick while his round ass slowly gives in to the pleasure.<br><br>Evan takes his turn, sucking Kody's long cock to full attention before they flip and Kody fucks Even's toned ass. Evan loves every inch of Kody's rock hard cock. Fucking from behind, they pick up the intensity. Once again, Evan tops the newly minted bottom. Flipping it around a second time. Kody's ass gets plunged in and out, sending him over the edge as he blows rope after rope of cum all over his abs. Evan can't keep it in, and releases all over Kody.

The Big Dick Club Part 3 – Kaydin Bennett -amp; Lance Bar

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Lance has received an invitation to join the EBD club. He arrives at the warehouse and sees Kaydin butt naked stroking his beautiful uncut cock. Lance is very timid and not sure how to proceed. Kaydin grabs the invitation throws it to the ground and tells Lance to start sucking. Lance has to be able to suck a good cock and get fucked by this hugh thick meat if he will be part of this exclusive club. Lance takes it all in enjoying the thick dick as he licks the sides from the base all the way to the head. He sucks in the precum as Kaydin begins to pump his face. Kaydin bends Lance over the bench and spreads his ass wide open to get his tongue deep inside. Once his ass his lubed up with spit Kaydin pushes deep inside Lance. Lance can feel the girth spread his ass wide open. Kaydin fucks him deep pulling in and out with each insertion. Eventually once their balls are filled up they both let loose a stream of cum. <br></br>Enjoy!


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They're not leaving the bedroom until they go all the way!

Barber Shop Sex Part 1 – Osiris Blade -amp; Rodney Steele

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Osiris needs a small trim and his bald head so he heads to his local Barber shop where Rodney is waiting for him. Rodney is the best in town but he notices something odd as Osiris is sitting in the chair getting his haircut. He thinks that he could be playing with his dick under the sheet so he calls him out on it but Osiris only pulls out his phone and not his dick. Rodney is a little bit bummed but when Osiris gives the remark of don't you wish it was my cock that's when they both move in and pull their big dicks out. They unzip and take turns sucking their cocks. They have lots of length between the two. Rodney bends that smooth ass over and tongue fucks him really good making his hole all nice and wet for his hard dick. Rodney bends him over the barber chair and fucks him balls deep making him moan and groan with the utmost pleasure. Soon enough he puts him on his back legs spread wide and Rodney finishes off all over Osiris sexy firm chest. End the end his chest has to creamy loads of cum dripping down him.

Twink Sandwich – Blake Mitchell -amp; Brad Chase -amp; Grayson Lange

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Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers. <br><br>It's been quite a week of firsts for slim twink Grayson Lange. Only recently he performed his first on-camera flip-fuck, and now it's time to explore his first threesome! Sitting around talking shop, he, Blake Mitchell and Brad Chase playfully tease each other. <br><br>Grayson is nervous, but Blake and Brad take their turns kissing the versatile newbie sitting between them. Brad rubs Blake's pants, commenting on how tight they are. Wrestling them down, Blake exposes his bulging blue undies and comments that Brad had better be up for a good double-dicking. It isn't long before they've formed a oral pleasure chain. Getting down on their knees, both bottom boys tongue Blake's huge shaft. As they team up on his cock head, Blake moans in sweet ecstasy. <br><br>Switching it up, Grayson sucks Brad's cock as Blake goes to town, rimming the slim twink's sweet ass. Taking his turn tonguing Blake's muscular bubble butt, Grayson volunteers him to be the first to take Blake's humongous dick. Moaning softly, Brad asks Blake to be gentle, but feeling Brad open up Blake surely ups the tempo, pounding his ass with increasing intensity, his hips slapping against his round firm cheeks. <br><br>Moving to a standing position, the boys share each other even more. Grayson climbs up onto Blake, riding him in reverse-cowboy, while Brad sucks his long member. Penetrating Blake first, Grayson pushes his long cut cock between Brad's muscular bubble cheeks. As he gets a good rhythm going, Blake takes his turn penetrating Grayson, who starts fucking himself on his cock all the while he's fucking Brad, forming a Grayson sandwich. <br><br>Getting his turn with Blake, he and Brad fuck on the couch. Brad moans, loving every second of it. But Grayson can't get enough of the hot view, spewing his cum onto Brad's shoulder. This sends Brad over the edge, and Grayson leans in over him to take his warm cum into his mouth straight from his cock as Blake fucks it out of him. Blake cums soon after, laying a huge load onto Brad's toned, smooth abs, and Grayson hungrily laps it up.

Big Dicks #09

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Two twinks in the kitchen sucking and fucking each other

Big Dick Negotiation – Derek Parker -amp; Jimmy Slater

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Derek has been taking his sweet time fixing Jimmy's car but there is a really good reason for it. Once Jimmy shows up at the auto shop he confronts Derek and wants to know when he will be done with his ride. Derek doesn't see it being completed for another week or so and that doesn't sit well with Jimmy. He is tired of riding the bus and explains to Derek that he must know of a way to get it done quicker. Derek does know a way and begins to tell Jimmy that if he wants his car in the next day or two he's going to have to show him his big cock. Jimmy whips it right out and Derek wraps his mouth around it quick licking, sucking and stroking his long shaft. Derek has a big round ass which Jimmy has to taste. He gets on his knees while Derek has one leg up on the front of the car and Jimmy starts to tongue that sexy hole of his. He can't get enough of that nice firm tasty ass as he grabs it and sucks on his hole while stroking his dick as well. Finally Derek gets what he really wanted and that was Jimmy's sexy dick deep inside him pounding his insides until it made him cum all over himself. Once Jimmy sees all that cum he pulls out his fat dick and blasts a long stream hitting Derek in the face. Derek loves cum all over his face and they share it together. <br> </br>Enjoy!

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