Edgar And Chico

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Edgar And Chico cover

In this steamy hot video we have Edgar who has what is probably the biggest fucking cock we have ever had the pleasure to film! This fucking Latin guy is hung like a horse and that uncut cock is thick too! Edgar did a solo video and now he's back and this time with a buddy for a hot duo shoot! Chico is also 18 years old and he's bi so he jumped at the chance to give head to his straight friend Edgar, and since Edgar is a real "gay 4 pay" rent boy Chico never got to taste it before! It's hot to see a couple of young guys so confident and at ease with each other that they not only have fucking hot sex BUT they also have fun doing it! No tension at all...just two hot horny boys going at it until they both bust their hot nuts! Enjoy this hot video!

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In this steamy hot video we have Edgar who has what is probably the biggest fucking cock we have ever had the pleasure to film!

Categories: Gay Uncut Big Dick Latin Blowjob Cumshot Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: MiamiBoyz

Double Dick 3

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Double Dick 3 cover

These guys want so much more than just one cock. They are looking for some double dick action.

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For some guys, having one hard dick inside their ass just isn’t enough.

Stars: Carlos Santiago Roman Smid Leo Ocean Sam Williams Felipe Esquivel Jace Reed Yuri Adamov Chase Anderson

Categories: Threeway Double Penetration High Definition Anal Bareback International Gay Twink Euro

Scene Number: 6

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Staxus

Raw Double Penetrations 2

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Raw Double Penetrations 2 cover

Raw Double Penetrations 2 is the follow-up to our hit movie featuring hot guys getting their assholes stretched open bareback by two cocks at the same time! Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Dato Foland, Theo Ford, Logan Moore, and Craig Daniel begin the movie with a raw fucking foursome. Then Michael Lucas and Alejandro Alvarez double penetrate Josh Milk. Aaron Steel takes Nick North and Josh Milk in his ass at the same time. And Alejandro Alvarez returns for double the pleasure from Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch!

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Raw Double Penetrations 2 is the follow-up to our hit movie featuring hot guys getting their assholes stretched open bareback by two cocks at the same time!

Stars: Josh Milk Nick North Theo Ford Logan Moore Alejandro Alvarez Craig Daniels Tomas Brand Aaron Steel Toby Dutch Dato Foland Michael Lucas

Categories: Double Penetration High Definition Threeway Anal Bareback Gay

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Lucas Entertainment

Schoolboy’s Crush – Arad -amp; Cody Blake

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It's not easy being in school, dealing with class, parents, teachers, and a daily flood of hormones. It's especially tough if when your classmate is Arad. For Cody Blake, the struggle is way too real. Cody's had a monster crush on the brain-meltingly hot new fellow student since the first moment he laid eyes on him. </br></br>He knows Arad is from somewhere very exotic and far away, but he's not exactly sure where. He's noticed Arad hasn't made too many friends so far this year. Cody knows how Arad feels. Being gay, Cody's never felt totally comfortable at his school, particularly around most of the muscle-bound jocks that are always acting macho and making inappropriate remarks. Cody has been dreaming of Arad constantly, and imagining the two of them together, making passionate love. Although Arad is the star of his daydreams, Cody's just too shy to introduce himself.</br></br>He does, however, sometimes follow Arad around the school athletic complex as he works out. Cody records video of Arad as he jogs, stretches, and runs speed building drills. The sight of Arad's shirtless body, working hard outside makes Cody's dick stiffen harder than any other time. </br></br>Today, Cody's been keeping his distance as usual as he follows Arad around yet again. While recording Arad with his phone, from behind a big, old oak tree, one of the assholes from the football team, Markie More, catches him. Markie yells to Arad, 'Hey, this kid is filming you!'</br></br>Cody panics, drops his backpack, and runs off, completely embarrassed and distraught. After Arad tells Markie off, he finds Cody to return the backpack. Cody can't believe Arad was kind enough to return his things, but is still so upset, he can't even look at Arad. </br></br>Arad can see exactly what's been going on. He lovingly lifts Cody's chin and pulls his face close. Cody's mind rushes as they kiss. The kissing becomes more passionate and, without thinking much at all, Cody goes to his knees from the bench they were sitting on, and pulls down Arad's pants. His cock is already hard. Cody takes it into his mouth, just as he's imagined so many times, and feels it throbbing between his lips. </br></br>He sucks Arad's hard cock for a while before Arad stands him up and returns the favor. 'Wow!' Cody thinks. 'He must have done this many times before!'</br></br>The next thing Cody knows, Arad is pounding his sweet, tight hole. Be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime, fairytale experience, as Cody's wildest, schoolboy fantasies cum true. Watch the incredibly sexy Arad fuck Cody's tight, eager Twink ass until both boys erupt in ecstasy. </br></br>

The Pastor’s Son – Ian Levine -amp; Rod Peterson

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As Ian sits with his hands folded and eyes closed, Pastor Peterson finishes up Sunday morning service with a prayer. The Pastor's son, Rod Peterson, sits behind Ian, over his left shoulder. Ian has the strange feeling that eyes are on him during the final moments of the prayer. He turns around slightly and notices Rod is staring at him intently. <br> </br>When the prayer wraps up and the congregation filters out into the foyer, Ian goes into the bathroom to relieve himself. Rod sees this as an opportunity. He hurries everyone out into the garden and locks the door to the sanctuary. When Ian emerges, he and Rod are alone. Ian asks Rod about the stares during the service. <br> </br>The night before, Ian thought he was sending someone from an anonymous chat room nudes of himself, along with a message about how much he'd like to have sex with a man. It turns out, however, the anonymous guy was actually Rod, the Pastor's son! Rod works his way up to telling Ian that it was him, and Ian is completely shocked. But Rod has been planning to make Ian feel at ease.<br> </br>He starts by telling Ian that the two of them have the same inclinations. Rod moves in close and the two kiss passionately. Soon they're sitting on a pew, making out and undressing each other. Ian doesn't waste much time before going down and taking Rod's dick into his mouth. Wow, Rod's hard cock tastes better than he could have imagined. Rod can't believe the church goody-two-shoes is slobbing his knob! <br> </br>Next, Rod gets a taste of Ian's fine dick. Then he turns him around and licks his sweet hole. He gets it nice and wet for what's next -- Rod's big, throbbing erection. Rod slides it in carefully at first, then works up to a good, hard pounding. After slamming Ian from behind for a while, Rod lays down on the pew and lets Ian take a ride. Watch Ian and Rod connect on a brand new level for the first time as they discover how much fun church activities can really be!<br> </br>