Boys Take it Raw

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Cute twinks bend over for sexual anal pounding.

Training Hard Part 3 – Dominic Pacifico -amp; Jace Chambers

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Dominic and Jace are both cleaning up their gym locker room/shower area and having some small talk with each other. Dominic asks Jace to tell him what happened with Bryan and Jace asks if he really wants to know. Dominic wants to know if Bryan was better than he is as a bottom. Jace reassures him that he is the best. Jace then asks if Sean has a better cock than he does and Dominic assures Jace that his is the best. The two then begin kissing and soon their cocks are out and they are sucking each other. Jace rolls Dominic up on his back and begins rimming his ass deep and hard. He then fucks Dominic is a few positions proving to each other that they really do have the best sex. At the end they agree as a couple that in the future, rather than hooking up with others alone, they will do it together.<br></br>Enjoy!

Lustful Players

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Extremely sexy fuck session between two long dicked twinks

Remodel My Ass Part 2 – Brett Bradley -amp; Dek Reckless

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Dek has brought his friend Brett to see the re-model job that he and Trey are working on. Brett immediately asks him where Trey fucked him and then says that he heard that Trey has a big cock and if he could handle him why haven't they fucked yet? Dek says that his cock is bigger than Trey's and does not know if he can handle it.<br></br>Brett convinces him that he can and they begin making out. Soon Brett has his massive cock out and Dek is on his knees trying his best to deep throat it. The thickness and length of Brett's massive cock engulfs Dek's mouth. Brett then rims his ass before fucking him. He starts out slowly at first, but as Dek warms up Brett goes balls deep in his ass fucking him long and deep. Brett then sucks Dek's cock in-between fuck positions and then goes back to pounding Dek's ass deep and hard. Dek then rides Brett's cock until Brett cannot hold back and he shoots his load all over Dek's face and then Dek sucks out the last drops from Brett's big cock. As he is sucking the last bit of cum out he explodes cumming all over the floor.

Training Hard Part 2 – Dominic Pacifico -amp; Sean Duran

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Jace Chambers is cleaning up the workout area and Dominic is coming in to get ready for his client. Based on Jace's quick answers to his questions, Dominic suspects that something might have happened earlier. Jace leaves and as Dominic is getting things ready, Sean Duran shows up for his session. Dominic helps him put on his boxing gloves and the two hit the bag with Sean hitting it hard. After a little while, Sean asks Dominic where his boyfriend is and Dominic tells him that he went home. Sean asks if they are open with each other and makes a move on Dominic. Dominic does not resist and soon Sean has Dominic's pants down and he is rimming his ass up against the punching bag. Sean has his face buried deep in Dominic's ass slurping and licking that sexy round ass. After rimming Dominic for a few minutes he then starts to fuck him up against the punching bag. Dominic has his arms wrapped around the bag as Sean plows deep and hard into his tight ass. Sean can't get enough of that ass so he pulls his hard dick out and gets back on his knees to rim that sexy ass once again. He spreads it wide so his tongue can get that hole even wetter. Sean then begins to suck on Dominic's thick hard cock taking it deep into his mouth. Dominic then rides Sean's throbbing cock on the bench sliding up and down his hard shaft while stroking his own hard dick. Balls deep in that tight ass Sean flips him onto his back and fucks him until he pulls out and shoots his warm cum on Dominic's cock and balls. Sean then sucks Dominic until he cannot hold back and he shoots a big load all over Sean's face and mouth.<br></br>Enjoy!


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Marcus cover

Marcus is a str8 boy, but he's no stranger to a gay blowjob!

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Marcus is a str8 boy, but he's no stranger to a gay blowjob!

Stars: Marcus

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Scene Number: 1

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Studio Name: Trax Action

Gay Resort Hook-up – Brett Bradley -amp; Hans Berlin

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Hans is lounging in the pool at a gay resort all alone. He climbs out of the water and starts soaking up some sun. Since he is alone, he starts stroking his big cock inside his swim suit and then pulls it out as he continues to stroke. Just then, a maintenance worker walks into the pool area and as he walks by Hans notices he is checking him out. The Maintenance guy goes to the other end of the pool where he is adjusting some fencing, but he keeps looking back at Hans. He walks a little closer and starts stroking his own cock through his jeans. The two cruise each other this way stroking their cocks for a minute before Brett walks up to Hans and pulls out his cock. Hans is surprised by how big it is, but cannot wait to start sucking it. He sucks his cock poolside for a couple minutes before inviting him up to his suite. Once inside the suite, Hans continues to suck Brett's massive cock. Brett then sucks Hans's big cock for a while before rimming his ass. Brett fucks Hans in a few positions on the couch until Hans cannot hold back and he shoots his cum in a big arching shot landing on his chest. Brett then shoots his load and Hans is more than satisfied with his vacation so far.Enjoy!

Training Hard Part 1 – Jace Chambers -amp; Bryan Cole

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Jace Chambers and Dominic Pacifico are in the Gym Workout Area with a Punching Bag hanging from the ceiling. They are a couple and Dominic is telling Jace that he better behave himself with the client he has coming in because he knows that the guy is exactly the type that Jace goes for. Dominic leaves and as Jace is cleaning up and getting ready for his client Bryan Cole walks in. Jace helps him put on his boxing gloves and then Bryan begins hitting the bag. He is not hitting very hard and Jace encourages him to hit it harder. While Bryan is hitting the bag we can see a visible penis bouncing around in Jace's shorts every time Bryan hits the bag. Bryan notices the big package and stops hitting the bag. Once Jace realizes that Bryan is staring at his cock, he makes his move and soon Bryan is on his knees sucking Jace's huge cock and choking on it. Jace then pulls down Bryan's pants and rims his ass against the punching bag before inserting his big cock deep in Bryan's ass. He then moves Bryan over to the bench and continues to fuck him until both shoot their thick creamy loads. Jace tells Bryan that he cannot tell his Boyfriend about what they just did...