The Playroom – Dustin Steele -amp; Ace Era

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Dustin has invited Ace over to his new 'Play Space' and is eager to have sex with the stunning 6'3' hunk of a man. Ace has indicated that he likes guys with big cocks and wants to get fucked a little rough. Dustin assures him he has come to the right place and the two get right down to action. Dustin starts out slowly dominating Ace and gradually starts to get more and more intense throughout. Ace sucks Dustin nice and deep at first and then Dustin starts face fucking him and gagging him. The more intense Dustin gets the more Ace enjoys it and soon they are both engaged in a powerful 69 that is amplified by all the spitting and gagging on each other's cocks. Dustin then rolls Ace up and starts rimming and spanking his ass. With each slap, Ace gets more turned on and is soon begging for Dustin's big cock up his ass. Dustin fucks Ace deep and intense! With every thrust of Dustin's cock, Ace begs for more and Dustin delivers. When Dustin cannot hold back any longer he pulls out and Ace drops to his knees as Dustin feeds his load to Ace's waiting face and mouth. Extremely turned on Ace jacks his own cock and cums all over the floor. <br></br>Enjoy!

I Don’t Know If I Can Handle It – Trey Turner -amp; Max Cameron

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Max and Trey have finished their workout and are about to enjoy a nice hot shower, when Trey notices that Max has a very nice scent coming from his arm pits. He buries his nose and tongue into Max's ripe pits which is obviously turning him on when we see his huge cock protruding from underneath the towel wrapped around his waist. Max begins stroking it as they make out with each other. Trey tells Max that he really wants to fuck him, but Max says 'I told you, I don't know if I can handle it! It is such a big cock.' Trey assures him he will be gentle and coaxes him into agreeing to try. Max then starts taking Trey's cock down his throat as he gags on every inch of his massive cock. Trey then bends Max over and rims his ass deep and gets him wet and ready for his cock. Trey starts out slow as Max groans with pleasure and pain as every inch of Trey is felt inside him. Once comfortable, Try starts fucking Max long and deep. He pulls out and lies Max onto his back and sucks his cock and eats his ass some more before fucking him deeper this time. The cock in Max's ass turns him on so much that he cannot hold back and he shoots his load all over his stomach. Trey licks up all Max's cum from his cock and stomach as he strokes his own big cock and stands up and shoots his thick creamy load into Max's awaiting mouth. They kiss and share each other's cum and then finally take their shower.