That Big Cock Makes Me Nervous – Braxton Adams -amp; Nate Stetson

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Nate & Braxton have been on several dates and now they are sitting in Nate's bedroom. Braxton asks him if he is 100% sure he is a total top and Nate tells him that they discussed this on their first date and yes he is a total top. Braxton wants to have sex with Nate but is nervous about the size of Nate's cock. Nate assures him he will be gentle and finally Braxton agrees to be fucked by him. As he pulls out his cock for Braxton to suck it, Braxton exclaims it is bigger in person, but he has no trouble sucking it and doing his best to deep throat. Nate then sucks Braxton's cock, which is not small by any means, and then bends him over the bed and starts rimming him. Once his hole is nice and wet, Nate starts to work his big cock deep in Braxton's tight ass. It is a slow start at first, but once Braxton is relaxed Nate is able to fuck him deeper and harder. After fucking him in a few different positions on the bed they both shoot their nice thick creamy loads. <br><br>Enjoy!

That’s A Monster Cock – Van Wilder -amp; Juan Carlos

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Juan Carlos has followed Van back into the locker room and he is obviously staring at the large bulge in Van's shorts. Van notices and asks what he is staring at. Juan Carlos asks what the fuck do you have in there and with that Van whips out his massive cock. Juan is shocked by the size, but cannot help but grab it and start stroking it. He can't believe how great the thickness of Vans shaft feels in his hands. He then drops to his knees and tries his best to suck his cock deep. He can barely get half of it in his mouth because of the massive thick size. He tells Van, 'Dude that is one Monster Cock'! Van lies down on the bench as Juan continues sucking and gagging on his thick meaty cock. Van tells Juan to show him his ass and he starts to finger his hole spitting on it as he gets it ready for his huge cock. He tells Juan to sit on it first and Juan struggles as he lowers himself down on Van's monster shaft. It takes a while, but he is able to get about half of it inside him as he grinds on it. Van bends him over Doggy Style and continues to fuck him encouraging him to take more of the length with each thrust. He flips him on his back and fucks Juan deeper until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots a big load all over Juan. Juan continues to milk the cock in amazement that it was just in his ass as the camera zooms in and we see Juan take a little taste of Van's cum. <br> <br>Enjoy!

I’m Ready For It – Jay Alexander -amp; Eli Lewis

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Jay and Eli are in Jay's bedroom kissing passionately and rubbing each other all over. It is the moment of truth for Eli tonight and the question is, Can Eli handle Jay's big cock? He is extremely nervous and hesitant about the whole situation. He has to fit 9 inches of long dick plus girth into his tight little butt. After some reassuring from Jay, Eli agrees for the big step. Eli starts out by sucking Jay's big thick cock gagging and taking every inch down his throat. Jay flips him over and rims Eli's beautiful round ass tongue fucking Eli until his dick is rock hard. Jay starts out slowly at first as he pushes his thick meat into Eli. He begins to pick up some speed as Eli's tight hole opens up for him. He fucks Eli doggy style and once he is used to Jay's massive dick he increases the intensity as he fucks him in two more positions on the bed plowing away into Eli's eager tight ass. With each thrust his cock goes balls deep into Eli's sexy ass until both shoot their creamy thick loads. <br></br>Enjoy!

Just A Taste

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Just A Taste cover

Get into this hot interracial blowjob flick from James Productions!

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Get into this hot interracial blowjob flick from James Productions!

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My First Time – Sean Duran -amp; Tommy Regan

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Sean introduces himself to Tommy and notices that he is very nervous. Tommy admits that he has only jacked off with a buddy but besides that he's never been with a man. With that, Sean pulls him in close and starts kissing him. At first Tommy is tentative, but soon relaxes and allows Sean to take control. Sean grabs his ass and tells him how amazing it is and that he wants to see it. Tommy pulls his jeans down and Sean starts rimming his ass while playing with his cock and balls at the same time. Tommy responds with moans of pleasure. Sean pulls out his huge cock as he's eating Tommy's ass he begins stroking himself. He then tells Tommy to sit on his face so he can get his tongue deeper into that sexy ass of his. Tommy starts to suck on Sean's big cock. Sean has Tommy lie on his back as he gets his ass ready for his cock. Sean slowly shoves his hard dick deep inside Tommy which makes him moan with pleasure and pain. Sean fucks Tommy in multiple positions and ends by putting Tommy on his back as he fucks and jacks his cock until Tommy shoots his load. Sean pulls out and shoots all over Tommy's cock and balls.