Is That Real? – Jack Andy -amp; Alex Gray

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Jack is in the locker room wearing a very loose fitting pair of shorts and playing with his massive cock through the shorts. Alex walks in and at first Jack tries to hide himself, but Alex is obviously interested and asks him 'Is that thing for real?' Jack then pulls out his massive cock and Alex is soon on his knees doing his best to suck the entire thing down his throat. Jack's cock is massively thick and long making it extremely hard for Alex to deep throat his throbbing cock. Jack then bends Alex over and rims his smooth ass. Jack spreads Alex's legs wide so he can bury his face deep between his ass. He then starts to fuck Alex doggy style and Alex begs him to go slow at first. His dick is so big he has to ease it in balls deep. After fucking him for a while Alex's tight hole needs a break so Jack has him lay on his back and Jack sucks his cock for a while before continuing to fuck him long and deep until Alex shoots his own load on himself. Jack pulls out and shoots a big creamy load all over Alex's stomach with one stream of cum flying past his head. Enjoy!

28 Inches Of Cock! – Jay Alexander -amp; Noah Donovan -amp; Jack Andy

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This is a big cock extravaganza! Jay Alexander and Jack Andy each have nine inches and Noah Donovan has ten inches which makes for a total of twenty eight inches of cock. They have just come back from a night out and flop down on the bed and start talking about the night. The conversation turns to a guy named Steven who has apparently had sex with each of them and told the others about how big their cocks are. It turns out that they all had sex with Steven on the same day at three different times. They laugh about it and then decide they should all have sex with each other and see just how big their cocks really are. They start out jacking their huge cocks and then taking turns sucking each other. Soon they are in a triple suck session in a perfect circle on the bed. Noah then rims Jack's ass while Jack sucks Jay. He then fucks Jack with all ten inches and Jack loves it as he continues to suck Jay's big dick. Jack then puts Jay on his back and he fucks Jay while Noah feeds his cock to Jay. Jay and Jack switch places and Jay fucks Jack while Jack sucks Noah. Noah then comes from behind and fucks Jay at the same time Jay is fucking Jack. After a little while of this Noah pulls out and starts stroking his big cock as he watches Jay fuck Jack deep and at the same time Jay is stroking Alex's cock and makes him shoot all over his hairy body. Jay pulls out and both he and Noah stroke out their own loads of cum all over Jack. This is one big fuck fest of some of the biggest tastiest dicks around.

Double Me

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Double Me cover

You could say theyre just greedy bastards, but there are some guys for whom one cock will never, ever be enough. In fact, theyre not satisfied until their dirty little whore-holes are being stretched to the max by two meaty dicks at exactly the same time!! Guys like Johnathan Strake and Lucas Drake, who not only ride double like old veteran pros, but who do it in fucking style all of which soon results (not surprisingly) in some very sore asses! Good job their mates have plenty of spunk in the tank to cool those nicely ruined holes down!

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You could say they’re just greedy bastards, but there are some guys for whom one cock will never, ever be enough.

Stars: Johnathan Strake

Categories: Anal Double Penetration High Definition Bareback Gay Muscles International Euro

Scene Number: 4

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Dirty Fuckers Staxus

Big Cock Massage – Van Wilder -amp; Joey Doves

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Van has come to Joey because his lower back has really been bothering him and he needs a good massage. Joey has him lie face down on the table and begins working his magic hands all over Van's back and paying attention to his gluts. Joey then discovers that Van has quite a large cock between his legs and he begins massaging that too. Van doesn't resist so Joey has him turn over revealing his massive thick cock. Joey begins stroking it and sucking it. Van is really enjoying this massage and based on the hardness of his cock, you can tell! Joey then takes his clothes off, puts a condom on Van's cock, climbs on the table and lowers himself down slowly onto Vans big thick cock. Joey rides his enourmous cock like a champ for a while before getting down and bending over the table as Van fucks him from behind. He then lies on the table and Van fucks him until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and both shoot loads of cum at almost the same time. <br></br>Enjoy!

Tag-Team Breeders

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Tag-Team Breeders cover

Greedy-ass bottoms never want one big dick; they need two big dicks at the very least. And that's just what they get in Dark Alley's Tag Team Breeders, a collection of five scenes featuring dirty sluts who want their asses plowed by two sexy, sweaty men and their huge cocks all in one sitting.

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Greedy-ass bottoms never want one big dick; they need two big dicks at the very least.

Stars: Dylan Hyde Adam Russo Cutler X

Categories: Threeway Double Penetration High Definition Anal Bareback Interracial Gay Big Dick

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Dark Alley Media

Raw Open Doors

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Horny twinks taking turns sucking each others hard cock.

The Best Cock Ever Return 2

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The Best Cock Ever Return 2 cover

Imagination has no limits. These guys enjoy my oral sex imagining that a beautiful woman eats his dick.

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Imagination has no limits. These guys enjoy my oral sex imagining that a beautiful woman eats his dick.

Categories: Str8 Bait Gay Big Dick Blowjob Amateur

Scene Number: 2

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Trax Action

I Love Big Cock – Osiris Blade -amp; Hans Berlin

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Hans and Osiris have been chatting online swapping pictures of their cocks. Hans has been extremely curious about being fucked by a BBC. Osiris shows up to his pad since he only lived about twenty minutes from Hans. Right away Hans wants to see Osiris's big cock. He pulls it out and Hans is even more excited. Hans begins to suck on the massive meat and it slowly begins to grow bigger and bigger inside his mouth. As it grows to full length he can no longer deep throat it but he still tries his best. Osiris is enjoying every moment of Hans exploring his BBC. Osiris wants a taste of some dick as well so the switch it up into a sexy 69 where now they both can enjoy each other's hard dicks. Hans is pretty much making love to that big dick with his mouth as Osiris tongue fucks his ass prepping it for his big thick dick. Hans is ready for that sexy dick so he lubes up and spreads his legs for Osiris and he pushes slow and deep into Hans. Hans gasp for air as that dick hits balls deep. Osiris can feel Hans ass open up and take him all in so he starts to pump faster into Hans. Hans can barely control himself with the feeling of that BBC pulsating inside of him. Osiris continues to fuck Hans in a few positions until finally Hans can't take it no more and needs to nut. Osiris flips him on his back and fucks the cum right out of Hans and once Hans begins to let loose with all his cum he pushes Osiris out of him and Osiris strokes his big dick until he shoots an extremely long load all over Hans chest and face. They embrace with a passionate kiss and you can see the cum glimmer off of Hans face. <br></br>Enjoy!

Hard For Me

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A hot stud gets his thick cock sucked by a twink

Is My Dick Too Big – Joey Doves -amp; Corey Woods

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Corey is sitting in the exam room waiting for his Dr. to come in. Once Dr. Joey Doves arrives and asks why he is there to see him, Corey is embarrassed but explains that after his growth spurt he has been having issues with girls and them not wanting to take his cock because it is too big and thick. Corey is worried there is something wrong with him, so the Dr. tells him to undress so he can check things out. Upon initial inspection Dr. Doves sees nothing wrong with his big cock, but Corey says he would have to be hard to show him. The Dr. offers to step outside, but Corey wants him to help, so Dr. Doves grabs some lube and starts stroking Corey's thick massive cock. With each stroke it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Dr. Doves is quite impressed with the size and has Corey lie back on the table as he starts sucking it. He then tells Corey that he should fuck him to see how he does at fucking and he lies on the exam table and has Corey slowly start fucking him with his huge thick cock. With each thrust both the Dr. and Corey are enjoying it more and more. He has Corey fuck him in several positions until neither can hold back and they both shoot their load.Enjoy!