Fucking in the Men’s Room – Chandler Scott -amp; Bentley Michaels

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Chandler is taking a leak at the urinal when Bentley walks into the bathroom to wash his hands. He tries the sink but it is broken and no water comes out. Chandler steps back from the urinal with his cock hanging out to tell him it is broken. Bentley likes what he sees and starts playing with his cock through his jeans. Chandler motions for him to go into the stall where the Glory hole is and he does. He feeds his big cock to Chandler through the glory hole and Chandler is a champ at sucking. After a while, he comes out of the stall and continues to have Chandler suck it. Bentley then drops to his knees and sucks on Chandler's big cock. Bentley then bends Chandler against the stall and fucks him long and deep. He then fucks him on the floor until both shoot their loads. Enjoy!

Oops I Thought I was Alone – James Stevens -amp; Mike Lobo

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James is alone in the locker room stroking his big long cock. He thinks he has privacy, but just then Mike walks in on him and at first Mike does not see him because he is toweling off his face and not wearing his glasses. When he puts his glasses on, he sees James sitting there with his big cock out and is startled. However, he is impressed and when James invites him to taste it he wastes no time dropping to his knees and sucking it. He does his best to take it deep and gags a little when he does. James then returns the favor and bends Mike up against the lockers and rims his ass. He then starts fucking him against the lockers and then bends him over the bench and continues to drive his big cock deeper and deeper. He flips Mike onto his back and fucks him until Mike cannot hold back and he shoots his load. James pulls out and blasts all over Mike. Enjoy!

The Things I Do For Dick

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Brunette guy gets his dick sucked and then cums

It’s Your Turn To Take It – Dustin Steele -amp; Sean Maygers

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Dustin & Sean are in bed having a conversation in which Sean says that it is Dustin's turn to bottom for him. Dustin is very hesitant based on the size of Sean's cock, but Sean assures him he will be gentle. Cautiously Dustin agrees and the two start making out. Dustin sucks Sean's extra big thick cock first and does his best to take all of it, but struggles. They move into a 69 and suck each other for a while before Sean moves to Dustin's ass and grinds his thick cock against Dustin's hole. Sean rims him and gets his hole nice and warmed up for his big cock. He starts fucking Dustin slowly at first and based on the groans of ecstasy and pain coming from Dustin, he determines how deep or hard he will thrust. Once Dustin is relaxed, Sean starts fucking him harder and deeper. After three positions, Dustin cannot hold back and shoots a thick creamy load all over himself. Sean pulls out and shoots his load all over Dustin.

Frat Initiation

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Two really horny dudes suck each other's dicks then fuck.