I Need That Big Cock – Max Konnor -amp; Ceasar Ventura

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Max Konnor comes into the locker room after his workout and as he undresses for the shower he discovers he left his cock-ring in his warm-up jacket. Turned on by seeing it in the locker room and realizing he is alone, he strokes his big cock and puts on his special cock-ring. Once it is on, he gets very hard and his huge cock is throbbing as he strokes it. Just then Ceasar Ventura walks into the locker room and Max says he has been waiting for him. Ceasar wastes no time in dropping to his knees as he starts worshipping Max's huge cock. He teases it with his tongue for a while before starting to suck it. He then deep throats the massive cock and then Max starts face fucking him as he gags on it. Loving it, Max continues to slide all 9 inches of his cock down his throat. He then pulls Ceasar up and starts rimming his hole. After getting him wet, Max stands up and drives his massive cock deep inside Ceasar and stats fucking him long and hard. With every thrust Ceasar moans in pleasure. Max fucks him hard and even pulls it out and back in over and over to Ceasar's pleasure. Ceasar then rides him for a while before Max fucks him on his back. Max fucks Ceasar so deep and hard that Ceasar cannot hold back and he shoots all over himself as he begs Max to continue fucking him. Max pulls out and feeds Ceasar his big load of cum as Ceasar sucks out the last drop.

My Mate Cums First

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Two twinkies get together to have some naughty fun and fuck!

Blindfold Surprise – John Magnum -amp; Scott DeMarco -amp; Jack Andy

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John Magnum is alone in the bedroom stroking his big cock when Scott DeMarco brings Jack Magnum, who is blindfolded, into the bedroom for his surprise. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the room and when he feels the big cock, he gets excited and starts stroking both John & Scott. Soon he is on his knees sucking both of their cocks while still blindfolded. After a while he removes his blindfold and is excited by what he sees. Both John & Scott then share Jack's big cock between them for a while before all three climb on the bed. Scott rims Jack's ass while he continues to suck John. Scott then fucks Jack from behind to warm up his hole for John. Jack then rides John's big cock while John sucks Scott. John then flips Jack on his back and fucks him until jack cannot hold back and he shoots his load. John and Scott then both shoot their loads onto Jack's face.

Big Tatts -amp; Big Cock – Vic Rocco -amp; Adrian Suarez

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Adrian Suarez is sitting in the locker room when Vic Rocco walks in after his workout. They strike up conversation about all the tattoos that Vic has on his arms and then Adrian notices that Vic is sporting a big cock under his workout shorts. Vic asks if he likes what he sees and they both start making out. Vic pulls out his massive cock and Adrian works hard at trying to deep throat all of it. After sucking it for a while, Vic pulls Adrian up and puts him on the bench and sucks his cock and also rims his ass back and forth. Adrian then plays with Vic's cock some more and milks out pre-cum and eats it. Vic then starts fucking Adrian raw with his big cock. Adrian rides him like a champ before turning around and taking the cock from behind. Vic drives his huge cock deep inside Adrian and then flips him on his back and fucks him deep until he cannot hold back and pulls out and as he is shooting his load, Adrian also cums at the same time. <br></br>Enjoy!

Under Pressure

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Two horny twinks have bareback anal sex in the wild forest

Tested and Approved – Alexander Garrett -amp; Rego Bello

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Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have just returned from getting their STD Test Results and are both super excited because after many years together, they are going to make love bareback. They agree that as lovers they will only go raw with each other and when playing with others they will use condoms. Soon they are naked and Rego is sucking on Alexander's big uncut cock. They then move to the bed where they continue sucking each other's big cocks in a 69. Rego then moves to Alexander's ass and starts rimming him. He then starts out fucking him raw doggy style at first. He then flips him over and continues to fuck him until neither can hold back their excitement and both shoot big loads of cum. Enjoy!