Johnson And Johnsons

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Johnson And Johnsons cover

When Sterling Johnson needs some big johnson up his ass he calls in the big guns. Landon Kovak is first on the scene and quickly goes to eating sterling's sweet ass. After much foreplay and frottage Landon begins fucking Sterling. The duo is eventually joined by Dalton Dawg whose beercan cock is quickly shoved into Sterlings asshole. Sterling loves being spit roasted as he sucks and gets fucked as the men take turns on him. Steve Sommers then enters the gang bang and gets his turn. Sterling gets up on dalton and rides his cock then Steve slides his cock in to double penetrate him. Sterling rides a huge load out of Dalton when Cesar Xes enters the room ready to fuck him. Landon is next to fill Sterlings hole with a creamy load and Cesar jumps on to use it as his lube to bust his big juicy nut followed by Steve. When it is all over Victor Cody comes in and sucks a delicious load out of Sterling, eating every drop before squirting a big load out of his own Johnson for Johnson.

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When Sterling Johnson needs some big johnson up his ass he calls in the big guns.

Stars: Landon Kovac Sterling Johnson Dalton Dawg Cesar Xes Victor Cody Steve Sommers

Categories: Double Penetration High Definition Anal Bareback Gay Bear GangBang

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: CJXXX VictorCodyXXX

Can You Take It All – Lex Sabre -amp; Fernando Del Rio

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Fernando has brought Lex to his play space and Lex questions him as to whether or not he can really take all that he has to offer. Fernando assures him he can and Lex pulls out his cock. At first he is soft, but it is still very large. As Fernando sucks his cock, it grows and grows and grows to its full nine inch glory! Fernando does his best to deep throat all of but struggles a bit. Lex then bends him over and rims his ass and plays with his geech piercing as well. He then begins to fuck him slowly at first and once Fernando's ass has taken all of his cock he thrusts longer and harder. He pulls it all the way out and back in and with each thrust Fernando groans in delight. Lex then flips him on his back and fucks him until Fernando shoots his load onto his hairy stomach. Lex pulls out and shoots his load onto Fernando. Enjoy!

Coach’s Big Cock – Max Sargent -amp; Jack Gunther -amp; Jett Rink

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Jett & Jack are both custodian's and they are tasked with cleaning up the athletic locker room. They are talking about the coach and the fact that he has a large bulge in his shorts all the time and wondering how big his cock might be. Just then, Coach Sargent walks in on them. He has an obvious erection in his shorts and both guys notice and laugh. Max then gets bossy with them and pulls it out and both guys start playing with his huge fat cock and sucking him. They both struggle to try and take his cock all the way for a while before Max decides he wants to fuck them. He fucks Jack first in a couple positions and then Jett. Max shoots his load first and then both guys jack of and cum on Max. <br> </br>Enjoy!

Big Dick Flip Flop – Marco Lorenzo -amp; Sean Maygers

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Sean and Marco have been friends for a while, but have never hooked up. They discover that they have fucked the same guy and both know that he only goes for guys with big cocks. Curious about what each other has, they decide it would be a good idea to have some fun. They start out kissing before revealing each of the 8+ inch cocks to each other. Marco sucks Sean's big thick cock and does his best to deep throat it. Sean then sucks Marco and shows him what a pro cock sucker he is as he takes it all the way down his throat. Marco then rims Sean's ass while Sean continues to suck Marco's big uncut cock. Sean then saddles up and rides Marco's cock deep inside his ass. After getting his fill of Marco's cock, Sean rolls Marco up and rims his ass and tongue fucks him. He then takes his turn and fucks Marco deep and hard until both shoot their thick loads. Enjoy!

Young Lust

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Wild fucking session between two hot stallions

Cum Crazy

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Hot gay anal sex and they both cum at the end

That’s a Big Cock on you! – Connor Halstead -amp; Jack Gunther

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Jack is in the locker room undressing after his workout when Connor walks in. He too begins to undress, but he is being very shy about it because his cock is hard as a rock. Jack notices and asks him why he is being shy and tells him to just show him. Once he sees the big uncut cock, Jack cannot help but stroke it and start sucking it. Connor then moves to Jack's ass and begins rimming him. He then starts fucking him deep and hard bent over the bench. Jack rides Connor's big throbbing cock for a while before flipping onto his back and where Connor fucks him hard until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and both shoot their loads at the same time! Enjoy!

The Glory of Big Cock – Lex Sabre -amp; Jett Rink

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Lex is in the public restroom stroking his big cock and watching porn on his phone in hopes of someone coming to service him via the glory hole. Jett comes into the restroom and discovers the urinal is out of order, but he then sees the glory hole in the stall and discovers a huge cock on the other side. He motions for the big cock and Lex puts it through the hole. Jett services his cock with his mouth, tongue, and throat. He then asks Lex to come out and join him where he continues to service Lex's massive cock with his mouth. Lex then lies on his back and Jett rides his huge thick uncut cock. Lex then flips him onto his back and fucks him until he cums. Lex pulls out and shoots his cum into Jett's mouth and face. Enjoy!

Bareback Huge Dicks #02

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Two hot guys with big dicks are having bareback anal sex

Train Me – Jay Alexander -amp; Ceasar Camaro

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Ceasar is a boxer and has just finished his training session and is back in the locker room. Jay walks in and asks Ceasar if he would be willing to train him. Ceasar thinks it is a joke at first because, although Jay has a great body, he does not appear to be the boxer type. He tells him that he would have to have some Big Balls and a Big Cock if he wants to be trained by him. Jay responds by saying he actually does have a big cock and he grabs it through his shorts revealing it to Ceasar. Ceasar has him pull it out and once he sees how big it is, he drops to his knees and starts sucking it. Ceasar chokes and gags on Jay's big dick for a while and then Jay has Ceasar bend over and he rims his ass. Ceasar wants to get fucked by Jay and Jay wastes no time in giving him what he wants. Jay fucks Ceasar long and deep in a few positions until Ceasar cannot hold back any longer and he shoots on himself. Jay then pulls his big dick out of Ceasar and blasts a huge load all over Ceasar's ripped chest.Enjoy!

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